Founded in 2016, Counter Culture Group (CCG) is a creative agency that specializes in creative services, management, marketing, publishing and as a record label.

With offices in Los Angeles and Oakland, CA, Counter Culture Group strives to move away from the stigma that is attached to the creative industry by creating an agency that is multi-faceted, ever-growing, adaptive and personable.

We are art lovers, artists, professionals and creative minds who seek to transform an industry that has been ridiculed as dirty and corrupt by working transparently and openly.

We value working with artists that are committed, passionate and driven to take their music to the next level. We seek all opportunities with our artists on a case-by-case basis, and in the event that is not possible, we create these opportunities ourselves to allow our artists to thrive creatively, professionally and personally.

Invested in openness over hierarchy, risk over stability and innovation over the tried-and-true, we at Counter Culture Group are looking to shatter the current state of the creative industry and bend the arch of history by bringing art to the masses that is captivating, unique and one of a kind.