Photo by Adrian Octavius Walker

Photo by Adrian Octavius Walker


Bay Area MC Jay Stone represents both Oakland and Richmond, CA with relentless lyrical style and charisma. As one of the Bay Area’s prominent rising artists, Jay is heavily influenced by ‘60’s and ‘70’s Funk, Soul, and R&B as heard in his beat selection. Sampled live instrumentation and eclectic rhythmic patterns are often the foundation in the production of his music. Both his EP’s, Melodious Miscreant and 16th & Adeline, were well received fall of 2012 and 2013. Jay’s 2015 project, Foreign Pedestrians, is a collaborative EP with producer Monster Rally and Oakland based vinyl record label, Gold Robot Records. It’s coined sound of tropicanna beats fused with Stones illustrative storytelling is a juxtaposition that works magic. During 2016, Jay contributed to the scoring of the Sundance film, Morris From America, starring Craig Robinson. Stone is currently completing his debut LP, Calibration Of An Altered Mind. An album which his filled with the growth and expansion that Jay has experienced over the recent years of his life.


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Jay Stone's free-association raps sound like the artist's neurons are firing at 100 miles per hour. Full of quirky humor and out-there metaphors, his funky, psychedelic new album Calibration of an Altered Mind dropped last week on Nov. 9….At a time when lyrical hip-hop (in the traditional sense) seems to be going out of style, Stone is an artist who pays close attention to the craft of rhyming. But that's not to say he's overly self-serious, like those who consider themselves among the "last real MCs" tend to be—quite the opposite, actually. His playful verses attest to the elasticity and imaginative possibilities of rhythm and language.

– Nastia Voynovskaya of KQED

“There are some lofty sociological concepts running through Bay Area MC Jay Stone’s Calibration Of An Altered Mind. The crux of the album addresses the way we can be conditioned by society to internalize skewed and destructive viewpoints, including generational fear-mongering. But don’t think this is a case of academics over enjoyment: Stone is blessed with the sort of smooth and easy going flow that casts him as a lost member of the Hieroglyphics crew, and beats like “FLYING MONKEYS” and “GOOD SEAT” are fueled by melodic jazz and soul loops. Fellow Bay Area wordsmith Queens D.Light also shows up on three songs to add her soothing poetics to the mix.”

- Bandcamp Daily